Prelim Bloopers


High-tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Palantir are expanding, changing the way we live in Silicon Valley. Sadly, they are also causing big disruptions in housing and traffic. But if city councils were more altruistic, these disruptions could be minimized. Please have a look at our video: Tent City Here We Come Again

Silicon Valley Tech Giants' Growth Creates "New Homeless" People Giant high-tech companies in Silicon Valley are adding jobs but no one is adding enough housing units. House prices and apartment rents are increasing ceaselessly. There's a failure to optimize the OVERALL combination of jobs and housing. City councils must force tech companies and real estate developers to deal with the housing shortage.

Can Thoughtful U.S.-Wide Economic Planning Enable Orderly Growth? Skyrocketing house prices and apartment rents, long and slow commutes, overcrowded schools, etc. diminishes peoples' quality of life and will choke off growth in Silicon Valley. We need a national advisory council to nudge giant software companies like Facebook and Google to regionalize their operations.

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